EBRACKET will be shutting down and no longer available starting July 1.

Everything will be fully functional until then but we want you to use your credits. Please purchase only what you will use.

If you don’t have enough credits to publish your tournament, please contact us and we will give you what you need to run your tournament. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Thank you so much for your support over the years!

Parents and fans, either at the tournament or elsewhere, will have access to the tournament schedule and results as they happen.

Jason Vanden Berg - CEO

 What We Can Do

For Administrators...

EBRACKET is about tournament administration. As a tournament director, you can set up these various tournament formats:

  • Single elimination brackets
  • Consolation brackets
  • 3 and 4 team guaranteed brackets
  • Bracket-to-bracket situations
  • Pool-to-bracket situations
  • Pool-to-pool situations
  • Inner pool play where the teams in a pool play each other
  • Outer pool play where the teams in one pool play teams in another pool


  • Allows you to divide your tournament into logical groups (e.g. 6th Grade Girls, 8th Grade Boys, etc) and then have brackets and pools within those groups.
  • Has a mobile app that allows fans to view results via a mobile device and administrators to enter scores (and much more). This is a free app!
  • Provide ability to print the schedule from the website and validate that the schedule makes sense.
  • Is available for basketball, baseball, softball, hockey, soccer, billiards, bean bag toss, ultimate frisbee, and eGaming . (More coming soon or request a sport)

For fans...

EBRACKET is also about viewing results. As a parent, friend or player, you can see:

  • The time and location for games that have been played or will be played.
  • Results for any tournament. View the score for each individual game as well as the final standings.
  • Use the mobile app on your phone to find the location or locations of the tournament.

 The Process

To view scores, just click on the "View Scores" item at the top of the page. The computer or mobile device will attempt to use its internal information to find tournaments currently nearby. If that doesn’t provide the proper tournaments, then enter the city or zip code of the area the tournament is located. This should result in the tournaments in that area. Click on that tournament to view the scores and results.

To administer a tournament for the first time, click on the "Tourney Admin" link at the top of the page. Enter the information to create a new account. Once set up you can create a new tournament totally free of charge! All the set up for the tournament is only visible by you, the tournament administrator. When your tournament setup is complete you will need to purchase credits to "publish" the tournament. Publishing a tournament makes it available on the “View Scores” screen and mobile app for the general public to see.

Publishing a tournament is only available once you have purchased enough credits for your tournament. One credit is equal to one team in your tournament. If you have 20 distinct teams in your tournament then your tournament will cost 20 credits to publish. Once your tournament is published then any changes to your tournament will automatically show to the public. If you add more teams to the tournament then you will need to republish and more credits will be deducted from your account. If teams drop from your tournament, you can remove those teams and credits will be returned to your account.

Jason Vanden Berg Chief Executive Officer / Founder

When my daughter started playing basketball for our club team I immediately decided I wanted to be more involved. I joined the board for the Appleton North Girls Basketball Club and also started coaching. One of my responsibilities on the board was to help run youth tournaments that we host. I really enjoyed doing that but really felt like there was a better way to administer the tournaments. My idea was to take what is done on the big posters in the cafeteria and simplify and automate the process. Parents and fans, either at the tournament or elsewhere, will have access to the tournament schedule and results as they happen. As a coach I can also see where all the teams finished for the tournament. I found that unless I was in the championship game I had no idea who won the tournament. Now I can see all that information whenever I need it. It sounds simple but there's more to it than meets the eye.