Frequently Asked Questions

EBRACKET can currently support tournament formats for basketball, softball, baseball, hockey, soccer, billiards, bean bag toss, ultimate frisbee, and eGaming. We plan on adding volleyball in the near future. If there is another sport you'd like to have available just let us know.
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For a pool, you always have the ability to change scores unless the pool flows into a bracket or another pool and that pool or bracket has already started. For a bracket, you can change scores as long as the next matchup is not yet started.

Technical Explanation: You may always change the score of a finalized matchup as long as any dependent matchup that requires the winner or loser of said matchup has not already started.


There are times when a pool or bracket cannot be created because there are not enough time slots open based on the initial parameters you entered to schedule the matchups. There are two ways to get around this:
  1. Change the duration of the games to 5 minutes and then create the pool or bracket. Then you can go into each matchup and override the matchup duration.
  2. Go to your tournament details section and add a venue or location (court / field).
The website and app both look at the location that your are in through your computer or device and the proximity to the tournament you are looking for. If the tournament is not within the 50 mile range you may need to search for the city that the tournament is in for it to display as an upcoming tournament.

*Note* Make sure you look for the tabs. The tournaments are separated by Upcoming, Current, and Completed.

Overall Demo

This demo will walk you through the entire Tournament Admin system.