Tournament Info

Tournament Groups

Group Sections

Group Setup

Allow groups to separate age or gender differences in your tournaments.

  1. When you create a tournament, a "general" initial group is setup as a container to hold your Bracket & Pool sections.
  2. Click Add New Group for each additional group.

Team Setup

Add unique team names to your group.

  1. Click Edit button on the Teams header bar.
  2. Enter team name, press enter key or click Add Team for additional teams or press Save to complete.

Tie Breaker Setup

We offer multiple tie breaker types, for each tie breaker you will use, click the switch to turn on or off.
Mouse over the blue question mark for additional information explaining each tie breaker and how we calculate them.

  1. Using tie breakers allows the automated game flow to move teams to their correct follow up matchups.
  2. Click the switch to turn ON or OFF
  3. Order your tie breakers for priority when the system calculates the team statistics.
    • Mouse over the 3 vertical dots, then click and hold down to drag the tie breaker up or down in the list, ordering them accordingly.
  4. We do not have a tie breaker that you require? Request a Tie Breaker