Tournament Info

Tournament Groups

Group Sections

Section Setup

Select to create a new Pool or a new Bracket

  • Click Create a New Pool

    1. Details
      • Enter a Pool Name
      • Select number of teams
      • Select number of games per team
    2. Teams

      The schedule generator will create and schedule the games automatically for you, you may go in and alter the schedules accordingly.

      • Select which Venue or venues will be used
      • Select which Days will be used
      • Select your teams
  • Click Create a New Bracket
    1. Details
      • Enter your Bracket Name
      • Select your Venue or venues
      • Enter how long each game may take
      • Select Bracket Type: Single, Double, Consolation, 3 Game Guarantee, 4 Game Guarantee, and Custom (if required)
      • Select your number of teams
      • Bracket Options: Select if there are additional options available
    2. Matchups

      There are many different ways you can select a team, mouse over the blue question mark for additional information

      • Top Team
      • Bottom Team

Advanced Scheduler

we're still putting the tutorial together ;)

Advanced Scoring

this one too, if you didn't see above...

Advanced Game Flow

and this one, if you didn't see above...

Multiple Score Keepers

sorry, if you didn't see above...

we're on it.